Friday, March 28, 2008

Muscular Human Sculpt

This bloke was to be part of a stop-mo project I was working on. Plasticine on coiled aluminium wire. Unfortunately he 'died' in the heat wave we had a few feeks ago. His armature survived so I plan on rebuilding him using what I learned the first time around.

Random Cartoon-Type Images

Some random cartoon images. I've been using old 40s model sheets to improve my cartooning ability, learning principles from the masters themselves.

Also, (By John Kricfaluci of Ren & Stimpy fame) is a great resource to any cartoonist.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Drapery Studies

Some Drapery studies done in-class at Uni S.A.


Caricature of my stepson, Joel

Another of Joel, done when he was being a bit of a little devil

Old lady on the train

An old couple, also from the train

More caricatures of unsuspecting victims

Anatomical Drawings

'Ideal' man head measurements

Vitruvian man

Head measurements for artists

Female head measurements

Skeletal structure

Views of the head and neck

Front torso muscles

Rear torso muscle layers

Measurements of the Hand

Skeletal structure of the hand

Muscular structure of the hands

Views of the Leg

Muscular structures of the legs

Faceted rendering of the foot (for understanding masses)

Colour rendering of foot muscular and tendon structures

Skeletal Structure of the foot

Hands and Feet

Death Drawing