Thursday, March 27, 2008

Character Sculpting at Anifex

Here are some of the character sculpts I did while at Anifex, Adelaide. So much work went into the creation of a huge amount of characters for the background of the Paddle Pop 'Smackdown' commercial. Unfortunately the characters were dimly lit, and hardly seen on screen; seemed like a bit of a waste but it did give me ample opportunity to practice sculpting. I also ended up moulding most of the 3 dozen models out of foam latex in a very short amount of time. No mean feat if you know how tricky foam latex can be!

First is my Angry Horse sculpt for the background crowd of a Paddle Pop Lion commercial.
Note the concept picture (by Dave Follet if I remember correctly) ; looks like he got his Ren & Stimpy boxed set the week before starting this project.

Two of my Horse puppets, painted by Max Long

Crowd member 2: A Giraffe. This sculpt was used to create both a male and a female puppet (see below). Because of its size it required a number of large moulds.

Crowd Member 3: Gorilla

Yo homies

I also sculpted alternate Orangutan heads for the Gorilla body; more characters for a bit less work:

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